Spring and Summer Vases

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This arrangement from spring 2017 comprised ‘Katherine Havemeyer’ lilacs, ‘Double Queen’ and ‘Berry Swirl’ hellebores, ‘ ‘Gladiator’ alliums, ‘ ‘Buckland’ astrantia and buds by your ‘June Bride’ heuchera.   Foliage came from ‘Red Dragon’ contorted filbert, Solomon’s Seal, bronze, lady’s mantle, and ‘Hall’s Purple’ honeysuckle.

In summer I generated this particular vase of ‘William Shakespeare’ roses, unidentified lavender dahlias, Thalictrum rochebrunianum and ‘Moulin Rouge’ astrantia.   Stems of curly willow, contorted filbert, ‘Chocoholic’ cimicifuga, and ‘Hall’s Purple’ honeysuckle shaped the foundation.
Pictures from this past year remind me we are getting nearer to the growing year!   Spikes of crocus leaves and hellebore buds are emerging, and I have lots of dead leaves to reduce.   Next week we are slated to strike 50 levels F a couple of days, and I am looking forward to time at the backyard.   Shortly there’ll be flowers to vases and cut to share and fill.


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