Great Garden Expectations for 2018

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The new year has started with the backyard buried in snow.   This isn’t my favourite part of the entire year, but we are getting closer into the growing period and lots of new developments to the backyard.

late Winter

Last fall I planted a dozen fresh Lenton Roses to earn a total of approximately forty hellebores from the backyard.   Maybe not all the infant plants will blossom this season, but I anticipate more blossoms than previous year.   I am particularly excited to see the vigorous ‘Madame Lemmonier’ and ‘Molly’s White’ get going during the upcoming few decades, in addition to several choices from the Wedding set of hellebores.   ‘Golden Lotus’ hellebore is shown over.

that I purchased a grow light set up to begin yearly seeds and dahlias, and I intend to set it into a bathtub where nobody can trip on it.   Annual seeds have been arranged and delivered and are waiting for the correct period to be planted.   Cosmos ‘Cranberry Double Click’ is shown above.


Bulbs big (‘Mount Everest’ allium), moderate (‘Apricot Impression’ and ‘Black Hero’ tulips) and little (Oxalis adenophylla) made it to the floor in the autumn, so their blossoms will increase the bulbs which have naturalized over the past few years from the backyard.   I implanted a ‘Banana Daiquiri’ geum in autumn, and while I do not anticipate it to be showy and long-blooming because ‘Totally Tangerine,’ I am excited about seeing its delicate yellow blossoms.   Two brand new ‘Popcorn’ viburnums (compact variations of this Japanese infantry bush) will finally provide stems for cutting.   Perhaps the infant ‘Yankee Doodle’ and ‘Charles Joly’ lilacs I planted this past year will provide me some dark blossoms, but not before the next spring.


Annual peony poppies are my own enthusiasm for premature summer:  ‘Violetta Blush,’ ‘Purple Passion, ” ‘Pale Rose, ” and ‘Double Black’   I will include the ‘black’ poppies to white backyard and call it the white and black backyard this season.   I have also purchased seeds ‘The Bride’ guara, ‘ Eryngium ‘Silver Ghost,’ honeywort, and ‘Purity’ and ‘Cosmic Orange’ cosmos.   All those should be helpful for cutting on if my seed-starting strategy works out.     Above is that the Oriental poppy ‘Medallion.’

I am also anticipating the first excellent display of blossoms from many   peonies.   ‘Armani’ is Brand-new, and last year I just watched a blossom or 2 out of ‘Black Mulberry’ and ‘Cytherea.’       The majority of my peonies have not yet reached maturity, so every year they blossom better.   Above is ‘General McMahon.’

Later in summer, I am excited about seeing blossoms from recently implanted ‘LaVerne Friemann’ aka ‘Miss Feya,’ that B&D Lilies touts as the very best lily variety.   I intend to purchase the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year, ‘Millenium’ allium, and that I implanted the comparable ‘August Confections’ allium.   These rhizomatous alliums blossom in August if there are fewer flowers in my backyard, and aren’t known to create a nuisance of themselves using reseeding.   Above is Lillium rubrum.


It’s taken me some time to become excited about sedums, but I am slowly finding areas for them.   ‘LemonJade’ (a ‘ yellow-flowering ‘Autumn Joy’), ‘ dark-leaved ‘Thunderhead, ” and ‘Blue Pearl’ were planted in autumn.   Additionally, I included magenta ‘Alert’ and ‘Wood’s Pink’ asters into the lavender and purple asters I am already growing.   I purchased a Choice of dahlias in Swan Isle:  Karma Choc, Center Court, Bluetiful, Cutie Patootie, Lauren Michelle, Appleblossom, Innocence and Cafe au Lait.   It has been a couple of years since I climbed dahlias, but they’ll add some essential attention to my autumn garden.   Above is Dahlia ‘Giggles’ using a parasitic.

Thank goodness that the garden isn’t completed.   There is always something exciting and new for another season.   I just need to make it during another few dark, cold months and may then appreciate being outside in the backyard once more.   Above ‘ are ‘Caradonna’ salvia, ‘ ‘Ambassador’ allium, ‘ ‘Moulin Rouge’ astrantia and ‘Totally Tangerine’ geum.

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