15 Minutes – Stir Fry Four Angle Beans, French Beans And Long Beans

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15 Minutes – Stir Fry Four Angle Beans, 
French Beans and Long Beans
My family love this dish, especially my daughter.  She can eat half of this plate.
I am in my late 40s and my daughter is 20 years old.  Whenever my dear
daughter wear a short skirt, my husband will comment “why is your skirt
so short?”  I kept quiet because I know the skirt that she’s wearing
belongs to me.  Yeap! you must be in shock that I am still wearing short
skirt. But, it was mine when I was a young adult and I had some
branded short skirt which I’ve kept until now (did not throw away because it
brings me good memories….those were the days).
Sometimes, I’ll say to my husband “it’s not that short lah, let her be lah,
as long as the hem of the skirt is not at her butt.  It is short but not mini lah!” .
My dear daughter asked me “why is daddy complaining when mummy
wore like that?”  Told her that you are daddy’s daughter and
he doesn’t want perverts looking at you lah. LOL   🙂
She must be in the confuse mode, Daddy allowed Mummy to wear but
but not her.  For me, I cannot stop her totally because I am also the culprit.
**One handful of Four Angle Beans. (Trim off the side, wash and drain)
**One handful of French Beans. (wash and drain)
**Half handful of Long Beans. (wash and drain)
3 Chili Padi. (wash and drain)
**(Note : cut to your desire sizes and length)
Heat up the wok with cooking oil.
Add in few cloves of garlic and the chili padi and stir fry a few second.
Once your garlic is brown, add in all the cut vegetables.
Stir fry a few minutes or until half cook.
(if you notice the vegetables are a bit dry, add in one tablespoon
of water and stir fry further)
Add in 1/2 tablespoon of chicken stock and stir fry further.
Once the vegetables are cooked, turn off the fire.
Dish out onto serving plate.
Now you have one healthy dish for your whole family for lunch or dinner.
Happy Cooking & Eating.

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