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Hey there! Happy Saturday! I’m not usually one to post on a Saturday, but I had just one more simple breakfast toast idea to share with you to complete my Breakfast Toast Week. This one is probably the most simple of them all, but as they say – last but most certainly not least!
I’ve loved sharing these toasts with you throughout the week. You guys have been so nice in trying them out right away and getting back to me on how it went. I wanted to do toast recipes that were so simple, that you could go in your pantry right now and make them. As are some of the best recipes, right? I love recipes like that, and I wanted to make sure each of these wasn’t too much of a stretch for anyone to make in their kitchens.
Toast #6 of the week is the ever classic: Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter Toast!

Apple slices are one of my most favorite snacks. I usually take a cup of apple slices with me in the car on my way to kindergarten pickup or if I’m headed out to run errands. It’s keeps me from giving into all the delicious temptations that seem to make my stomach roar! If I get hungry for a snack, hey! I already have one right here in the car.
Take it up a notch, and you dunk those apple slices in peanut butter (what I usually do in the evening while continuing our Grey’s Anatomy binge-watching – we’re only on season 9 and I feel like it’s taking forevvvvver).
Anyway, so when I was thinking of a toast involving apples, I knew right away it needed to have cinnamon and peanut butter. Simple as that. Nothing too crazy. No rocket science. Just a simple piece of toast to make your morning that much better. Enjoy!


Apple Cinnamon Peanut Butter Toast
honey whole wheat bread
peanut butter
apple slices
sprinkle of cinnamon
Toast the toast. Spread the peanut butter, and top with apple slices and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Enjoy!

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