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This seems to be a week of cakes, with two more still to go!This one was done as a white & chocolate checkerboard with a german chocolate filling, a ganache crumb coat, frosted with a chocolate buttercream frosting.
I experimented with a fondant trim on the bottom, lined with edible pearls, which I also used for my drop string intersections.
My greatest discovery was that my pasta maker is perfect for rolling out fondant, & my pizza slicer is great for cutting it into the thin strips I needed.

A pasta maker – who knew?

(said in a Flynn Rider from Disney’s “Tangled” accent…as in, “Frying pans, who knew?”)

This rainbow cake was made for a “Colors” party.  We loved how the cake looked very elegantly done up on the outside, yet was bursting with a party on the inside.  The colored sparkler candles were a hit too.

I used 2 yellow cake mixes (yellow made the colors a little brighter) & scooped 1 & 1/3 cups of batter into small bowls & colored them, then baked them individually – watching them carefully (smaller amounts=less time).

I assembled them with a buttercream frosting, using strawberry jam for filling in between a couple of the layers,to assist the flavor. Little Debbie’s strawberry shortcake rolls aren’t very tasty to eat, but were fun to border this cake with.

Finally – I’ve made this cake for the past two years in a row!  A decadent chocolate cake, filled with , coconut & toffee cake.
Thanks to my friend Rose Williams helped me figure this recipe out – she’s a very talented chef & food stylist.

This is made as a decadent chocolate cake, with a coconut/toffee filling, crumb coated with a chocolate ganache, & a white chocolate buttercream frosting – decorated with Heath Toffee Bits.

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