Ginseng Drink

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Ginseng Drink
Need to post as many recipes as possible before middle of next week because
we’ll be going to Hatyai, Thailand for a short holiday.
My husband manage to secure 4 flight seats with “zero fare”,
how lucky we are.  My two kids said, “Hatyai” again!
Told them we are going there to makan (eat) and rest only since
the flight is “zero fare”.
Sharing this simple herbal “Ginseng” drink with you.
My age is catching up to late 40’s and I have some bad experience
while having my menstrual.  For the past few months,
I notice that during my menstrual, I feel my pelvic area is very uncomfortable.
My husband told me to drink more Ginseng since his friend from
Canada bought a lot for us.  I have been boiling this drink
every alternate day for the past two weeks and I can assure you that it works.
There is no uncomfortable feeling during my this month menstrual.
So, you gals out there, if you are having the same duduk kasus like me,
do boil it for yourself.
6 pieces of Ginseng.
Wash and soak with hot water for 1 minute.
Place the Ginseng into a double boiler and pour in 1 liter of hot water.
Turn the switch to High and boil for 4 hours and
then turn to Low and boil for another 2 hours.
Note : If you wanted to boil it overnight, then
just turn the switch to Low and boil till next day.
Once done, let it cool before drinking.
I even brought the Ginseng Drink to office to drink (if I boil it overnight).
My family and I also drinking it.
Healthy herbal drink.


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