His & Her Sunrise Peach Smoothies

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We’re back on the running train again.
Ryan ran cross country & track in college, even scoring at nationals, but he took a long break from running in law school for the past 3 years. Now he’s back in the saddle again, and started off easy with around 25 miles (I say easy because he used to do around 90 mile weeks) this week. For me, 25 miles a week is something I’m going to need a few weeks to build up to again. My mileage this week was 14.
Running for us isn’t about getting fit, or being skinny, or whatever… heck, Ryan still looks an weighs the same as he did when he was competing on the team. The reason he’s running is because he’s goal-driven, and wants to run/win his first marathon next summer.
Me, I run for a completely different reason. I originally started running after having baby #1 to train for a 5k (25:19), my first 10k (50:57), and my first half marathon (2:08 with walking… long story). But these days, it’s mostly to KEEP. ME. SANE. If I don’t get out and run/exercise for at least 30 minutes a day, I get down about really dumb things, get angry and jealous about ridiculous things, my irritability goes off the charts, and I ironically feel like I don’t have energy to be productive. Running for me is completely therapeutic, and keeps me feeling like myself – instead of the pre-snickers prima donna I can be without it.
So how do we both make this whole running thing work? We take turns in the morning running. Ryan wakes up early, gets his miles in, and then I head off the second he comes back. When I get home, he’s usually helping our son get breakfast & suiting up for work.
Sometimes just a bowl of cereal doesn’t do it after a run, so on Monday last week, I made us smoothies.
We have a GIANT PILE of peaches at our home (as you Facebook followers of mine know very well), so smoothies were such a perfect way to use up a bunch of them. We also had a few overripe oranges in the refrigerator that were begging for attention. I juice all the oranges, sliced up the peaches, and threw them all into our little magic bullet smoothie-serving blender.
As many of you know, the men-types don’t like their smoothies the way we ladies want them done. For example, I love grapefruit, and Ryan can’t stand it. He also loves straight up sugar in his smoothies, while I prefer all-fruit. Ryan doesn’t like the greek yogurt texture in the smoothies as much as I do. Either way you choose, they both tasted awesome.
So enjoy! And get your smoothie on this week with all those juicy peaches!

His & Her Sunrise Peach Smoothies


juice from 4 ripe & refrigerated small/medium oranges
9 small peaches, pits removed, and diced
4 T plain greek yogurt
juice from half a grapefruit
1 T light agave nectar
1/2 C ice

juice from 4 ripe & refrigerated small/medium oranges
9 small peaches, pits removed, and diced
2 T plain greek yogurt
3 T sugar
1/2 C ice

1. Place all ingredients in a blender (we love our little bullet). You’re done. No really. That’s it.

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