Kitchen Tip Of The Week: Moist Cake Magic

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I’ve made my fair share of cakes. Each one I’ve loved more than the last. But there are some cakes I’ll never forget making – whether it was because I completely bombed and should have thrown it out into traffic, or even because it came out better than I imagined.
A lot of thought goes into decorating these beauties. You have to pay special attention to the consistency depending on what you’re planning on piping. Also, temperature control is essential (especially when working with cream cheese frosting – which is equally as delicious as pesky sometimes). I frosted a pink rosette cake with a white & pink striped inside for a friend’s sweet little girl a couple weeks ago – unfortunately, the same day I was frosting this beautiful cake… my air conditioner broke. Our house was over 85 degrees, and it was only the late morning. I ended up frosting the cake in front of a fan, and putting the frosting in the fridge between piping bag fillings. The cake turned out beautifully, but man, temperature control is such a big deal.
With all the fanfare that comes along with the truckloads of delicious frosting, the inside of the cake needs just as much attention.
We’ve all been there. We make the cake, bake the cake, let it cool in the pan for 10 minutes, turn the cake out onto a cooling rack, let it cool until they’re room temperature, frost the cake, and then depressingly finding out after making that first slice that the cake is as DRY AS A BONE on the inside. What the heck, people? How does this happen? I had to let the dang cake cool, didn’t I? Stop the madness!!
This is where this week’s kitchen tip comes into play:
Tip: when cooling your cake rounds, place a fresh slice of bread on top. The bread will crust over and become very hard, and the cake inside will stay as moist and soft as ever. 
The bread trick works like a charm. And if you don’t want to throw away the bread after, you can continue to dry them out or toast them up – then turn them into croutons for your salad, or bread crumbs for breading that chicken tonight at dinnertime.
*note – I’ve only tried this with white bread. 


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