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1-2 long and thick cucumbers
1 boiled potato
1/2 cup mashed paneer (cottage cheese)
1/4 cup processed cheese
1 tsp kasuri meethi
1 tsp chaat masala or amchoor powder (dry mango powder)
1 tsp red chilli powder
1/2 cup hung curd
4 grated garlic pods
some freshly chopped coriander leaves
salt to taste

Cut off one piece from both the ends of cucumber and place the cut piece back on cucumber and start rubbing the flat ends together, you will see white part coming, wash it under fresh water. This process will help in taking out the bitterness from cucumber if any.

Peel the skin of cucumber with the help of peeler. If you want, give it design by moving peeler on opposite direction, as shown in pic below.

Scoop out the pulp of cucumber using peeler or scooper making core inside. Keep aside.

For Filling:
Mix together, boiled and mashed potato, mashed paneer, grated cheese and freshly chopped coriander leaves. Add salt to taste, kasuri meethi, chaat masala and red chilli powder Taste it and adjust spices according to your taste. Mix well.

Stuff this filling generously in the cored cucumber. Keep aside.

Take hung curd add grated garlic, little salt, 1/2 tsp red chilli, 1/2 tsp kasuri meethi and 1/2 chaat masala. Mix well. Spread this curd all over the cucumber.

Heat 1-2 tsp of oil in non-stick pan, keep cucumber and roast for 2 minutes from all the sides. Remove from pan, let it come down to room temperature.

Slice and serve.


1. Slice both the ends of cucumber and rub to take out the bitterness.

2. Peel the skin.

3. Run the peeler backwards for design, it’s optional.

4. Core the pulp with the help of scooper or peeler.

5. Like this.

6. Mix boiled and mashed potato, crumbled paneer and grated cheese. Spice mix (salt, kasuri meethi, chaat masala and red chilli powder).

7. Mix all the ingredients. Take taste test, adjust spices if required.

8. Stuff the filling generously in the core.

9. Like this.

10. It’s done.


11. Take curd and add 1/4 tsp of each kasuri meethi, red chilli powder, salt, chaat masala and grated garlic. Mix well.

12.Coat curd all over the cucumber. Roast over hot oil.

13. Roast for 2 minutes.

14. Slice.

15. Sprinkle some more mix of chaat masala, red chilli, salt and kasuri meethi.

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